About Joel Pingeon Trucking

Joel Pingeon Trucking Inc. is a quality nationwide stepdeck and flatbed company based in Springfield, Minnesota with a wide array of trucks and trailer options offering full service and reliable delivery service. Our main focus is on SAFETY.

We seek, to the best of our abilities, to find and hire the most qualified and safe drivers for our operation.

Joel Pingeon Trucking Inc. will follow and adhere to all state and federal laws to operate this company legally. We are serious about operating safely and within all federal and state guidelines.

We have dispatchers, drivers, and office staff that have many years of experience and knowledge in the transportation industry. Our drivers have the knowledge and expertise to handle all types of loads including overdimensional and specialized freight. When times arrive with a new or uncomfortable situation, we will seek the knowledge with another employee or any other tool that may be provided to get through any task SAFELY. Joel Pingeon Trucking Inc. will train all employees with the proper knowledge that they will need to do their job safely, efficiently, and in a timely manner.

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and level of service and will continue to do this. Our customers are not only whom we load and deliver our loads to, but also the people that we share the roads with and the towns that we pass thru. Joel Pingeon Trucking Inc. drivers are our main contact with these customers. This forces our drivers to become our main ambassadors and sale personnel. This is a position of great responsibility and pride. We will continue to maintain clean and safe equipment. We train and require all drivers to perform in this same professionalism
Our intentions are to have continual financial profit and growth within the company. This means we seek individuals that will have the desire to grow safely with us while enjoying a profitable success.

We Love What We Do & Having Fun


We move your heavy freight with care and ease.


We deliver with a smile!


Every driver, every truck, every job.

What Our Clients Say

When it comes to all my transportation needs I make one phone call to Joel Pingeon Trucking. They are professionals in all parts of the game from dispatch to drivers to accounting my needs get met every time. My freight can be simple or specialized, it gets handled the same way every time, with respect and on time!
Phil Davis,

Traffic MGR, OEM Fabricators

I have had the pleasure of working with Joel Pingeon and his staff for the past five years and have found them all to be very professional. The best thing I can say is they ” do what they promise to do”. and that has been very valuable to us as we have very time sensitive deliveries to accomplish. The entire staff is great to work with and I do not hesitate to recommend them fully, they will serve your company well.
Keith Gamble

Machine Transport, Inc.

Teske Manufacturing uses JPT for the shipment of the products we manufacture and have had them bring in purchased production equipment which required special permits. Whether coming in or going out the drivers are professional, proficient and courteous. I recommend their services. Tom Teske
Brook, MN

Tom Teske, Teske Manufacturing

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